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Naval Shipboard Laundry Equipment Catalog

General Information


This catalog lists commercial item description, approved and selected
commercially approved shipboard laundry and dry cleaning equipment by National
Stock Number (NSN), Allowance Parts List (APL), and/or equipment model numbers.
 The intended use of this catalog is to provide information for
identification, selection, procurement, and installation of approved shipboard
laundry and dry cleaning equipment.  Procurement and installation of
shipboard laundry and dry cleaning equipment which is not shown/listed within
this catalog is prohibited unless it is approved by the Life Cycle Equipment
Manager (LCEM) at NSWC-PD, Phila., PA.

Any configuration change or alteration to a ship is prohibited, as defined
in OPNAVINST 4720.93 without approval from the Chief of Naval Operations
(CNO) or the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA).  Alterations to manned
laundry and dry cleaning spaces or requests to redesignate the use of existing
spaces to self-service laundries must be accomplished using an approved K
or D Ship Alteration (SHIPALT), Machinery Alteration (MACHALT), Alteration
Equivalent to a Repair (AER), or Ship Alteration Repair Package (SARP).
 Approved alterations ensures correct installation, proper logistic
support, that documentation changes are made, all possible ships are identified,
and appropriate funding set aside to accomplish the alteration. &nbThe
installation of selervice type laundry equipment in unauthorized spaces,
such as sanitary spaces, wardrooms, pantries, FLAG/C.O. quarters, etc. is
pited. Self - service is authorized for installation in approved dedicated self - service laundry spaces only.  

The equipment specified within this catalog are designed to meet shipboard
environmental effects, offer simplified operator to machine interface, provide
shipboard safety features, and create an efficient means to meet the ship's
laundry and dry cleaning needs.

The utility requirements identified for the equipment are for general information
only to assist in preplanning and should not be used for detailed design
guidance.  Manufacturer's technical specifications are subject to change
therefore the latest technical specifications should be verified using the
most current equipment technical manual.

The clearance requirements identified for the equipment are considered optimum
for operational and maintenance purposes.  In certain unique circumstances
the clearances may be reduced to suit the imposed constraints.  However,
the designer should verify the reduced clearances will not adversely impact
operational and  maintenance needs.

The Navy's current laundry and dry cleaning equipment design philosophy is
to deep the equipment design simple by offering less interface between the
operator and the equipment. This eliminates equipment which provides a
specialized function, as opposed to equipment which can perform a variety
of functions, and standardizes equipment design.  Some laundry and dry
cleaning equipment items have been sectionalized and other laundry and dry
cleaning equipment items will become available in the future.
 Sectionalized laundry and dry cleaning equipment allows equipment to
be transported through standard shipboard passageways, doors, and hatches
for installation.  The pieces can then be assembled in the space using
normal tools without the need for welding in most cases, cutting, etc.
 This philosophy would allow for installation of equipment without the
need for cutting costly access holes and paths to transport a fully assembled
unit into the laundry or dry cleaning space.


Users of this document are reminded that the U.S. Navy's supply system and
procurement processes must abide by regulations established by the Federal
Acquisition Regulations (FAR).  The FAR requires that all stock system
procurements be on a competitive basis. The items listed in this catalog
are products of manufacturers who are the prime suppliers of laundry and
dry cleaning equipment at the time of this writing.  Occasionally other
manufacturers may be successful in providing equipment to meet the specific
performance specification and will not show up within this catalog until
the following revision. Equipment which is classified as functionally
interchangeable may not at times be physically interchangeable and a situation
could arise when the equipment issued by the supply system may not be
specifically the same as what was requisitioned.  If there are unusual
circumstances, such as the existing space configuration constraints would
preclude installation of any equipment other than that presently in place
without extensive modifications to the ship's configuration and/or extensive
service modifications or the equipment within a category (i.e. laundry presses,
washer-extractors 35 lb to 200 lb, etc.) would not be from the same manufacturer,
causing an operational, maintenance, and/or repair problem for the ship,
the advice code for the requisition should indicate "2B", for no substitute
acceptable.  Also, to be included would be the need for a justification
statement for sole source procurement entered in the "remarks" block.

Local Procurement

Unless the urgency of the situation dictates otherwise, local procurement
of laundry and dry cleaning equipment is discouraged.  When the central
supply system is short circuited, vital demand information is not recorded
at NSPCC and DGSC and without the information NSPCC and DGSC can not effectively
forecast budget requirements for future equipment procurements and spare
parts for stock.  Local procurement shall only be used for a direct
model for model replacement, if contained within this catalog or other
replacement equipment as approved by the LCEM.  Regardless, whatever
equipment is requested, it must accommodate the appropriate equipment military
specification retained at NSW-PD, Phila in place at the time of the

Most of the equipment listed herein have NSN's and APL's assigned and are
managed by NSPCC or DGSC. &nbs.  
Accordingly, it is recommended that all requirements for equipment shown
herein be requisitioned through the supply system.


All shipboard laundry and dry cleaning equipment shall be securely mounted
to a hull foundation.  Foundations shall be set level to the ship's
base line and aligned with the base of equipment.  The use of shims
or grout to compensate for irregularities between mounting surfaces shall
be in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

All utility connections (i.e. hot/cold water, L.P. air, steam, power, drain,
cooling water and ventilation) shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's
specifications.  Utilities must provide the pressures, flow rates, etc.
specified within acceptable tolerances.  Excessive fluctuations of the
services will seriously reduce machine performance and may result in permanent


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